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Desperate remainers

The three reports on page 4 (SA October 3) gave a clear demonstration of the increasing desperation of anti- Brexiteers who are seeking to reverse the result of the 2016 EU referendum with a second vote.

I was particularly interested in the report, “Tories kick out MEP Julie Girling”. Ms Girling is one of Swindon’s MEPs who has been expelled from the Conservative Party and says its because she doesn’t believe in Brexit.

She said: “I intend to direct my political energies into the People’s Vote campaign and ensure that the final say on any deal is put to test at the ballot box.”

The term “People’s Vote” has a certain connotation. It reminds me of totalitarian countries who use the word “People’s” in their country’s title eg. The People’s Republic of China or The Democratic People’s republic of Korea. These are countries where the rights of the individual are irrelevant and decision making is taken on behalf of the people by the “elites” of their society.

In our biggest ever electoral turnout, in 2016, the British electorate voted to leave the constraints of a bureaucratic, undemocratic, political European Union super state.

Those who want a second vote are bad losers. They had every opportunity to put their case during the referendum campaign but despite their “superior intellect” their reasons for Remain were weak.

Their sense of “superiority” will not allow them accept that the Leave side had better arguments and a more positive outlook than they do.

A clear demonstration of the EU’s contempt for democracy was given by the unelected bureaucrat Donald Tusk, at Salzburg, with arrogant behaviour towards our British Prime Minister, Theresa May.

K Kane, Wharf Road, Wroughton

Pay up yourselves!

Regarding princess Eugene’s wedding.

Every gal deserves to be a princess for the day. However, no gal deserves the public to pay for it!

Two-thirds of the public were not interested in Harry and Meghan’s wedding and polls suggest support for the monarchy is flimsy at best. Yet the royals have planned another costly wedding, confident their spending will never be held to account. That has to change.

The previous wedding cost the public £35 million. It’s highly unlikely that the figure for the next pair of the royal panto will remain at £2 million. Security will certainly cost a great deal more.

Why should we pay for the wedding whims of Princess Eugene?

Dig deep, Andrew. Ask your dictator and gunrunner friends to help out.

The Royal family is GREED INCARNATE. A family which exploits the public’s loyalty and misuse their taxes, while their grateful subjects genuflect.

Grow up royalists. Stop hanging on to childhood fairy tales.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

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