Details of more houses which may be built at a major development in south Swindon have emerged.

Persimmon Homes have lodged an application for approval to build a further 12 houses on its Commonhead development near the junction of the A419 and the M4 at junction 15.

The company wants to build 12 houses as part of a circular cul-de-sac in the south of its huge 800 home plot m-it already has outline permission to build on the land, but must get its design and layout approved.

The plans are for eight three bed houses and four two bedroom homes. Eight of the houses will be semi-detached and four detached.There will be a total of 36 parking spaces constructed for the houses - exceeding the requirement set by Swindon Borough Council by 10.

Four of the three-bed houses and all four of the two- bed homes will have no garage, but will have two off-road spaces.

Three of the larger houses will have a one-car garage and two spaces offroad, while one will have a garage and one off-road space. There will also be nine spaces for visitors

Part of the application shows that a 'pocket park will be constructed alongside the homes.

The application says: "The development continues the attractive and active frontage onto the the Boulevard, to the east, and has also been designed to address the 'pocket park'. The development fronts onto the potential future can route and retains and respects the existing vegetation."

The single existing tree on the plot of land to be built on will be retained according to the application.

The documents also detail how the circular pocket park in the northern part of the plot will be landscaped.

Trees in the centre of the park will be skirted by a path circling to the north with benches places along it. Around the edge will be areas of shrubs and woody plants and small meadow patches of daffodils

Persimmon Homes initially applied for permission to build 860 houses on the plot of land skirting the Great Western Hospital site between Coate Water and the A419.

It was initially turned down but the Planning Inspector found in favour of the scheme after an appeal by the developers.

Most of the land in the north of the site has already been developed for housing.

The small site covered by this latest application is in the far south of the site, beneath the hamlet of Badbury Wick near a corner formed by Day House Lane and the A419.

The application is available on Swindon Borough Council's website using reference number S/RES/18/1650.

Consultations close on Wednesday October 31 and the matter is expected to be determined by January next year.