Grange Leisure in Stratton will launch a new Pay-As-You-Go walking football session next month.

The first session starts at 11am on November 4.

Gary Turland, senior sports and fitness development officer at Grange Leisure, said: "We're launching this due to the increased popularity of the sport.

"Grange Leisure has been a great hub for the local community for sports and fitness.

"This is a natural progression Adding additional sessions is a natural progression.

"We are aiming to open this first session to everyone to promote it, including STFC players, grandchildren anyone.

"The sport can be misleading, with people thinking that because it's walking, the game is easy, which is not the case."

This isn't the only fitness event launching that day.

In the hour before the first walking football session, from 10am, the leisure centre will kick off the follow-up to the Beat the Street scheme.

The Swindon-wide initiative which aimed to combat obesity has proven popular, with thousands of people going out onto the streets to earn points.

The follow-up at Grange Leisure will be four weeks of free walking football for everyone who enjoyed Beat the Street and wants to continue having regular low-impact exercise.

Organisers hope that people who enjoy the free session will stay for the Pay-As-You-Go session at 11am.