SWINDON has been revealed to be the eighth best city in the UK for disposable income.

Every month, the towns's residents have £1,138 left after cost of living is taken into account, including things such as rent and food.

This amount is £50 above the UK average.

This is also significantly more disposable income than our neighbours Oxford, where residents keep £1,021 respectively each month, which is a difference of £117.

The average salary, after tax, in Swindon is £2,145 per month, while essential outgoings average £1,007.

The analysis comes from personal finance comparison website finder.com

The site compared average city salaries against local rent and other standard monthly outgoings for 30 UK cities to find who enjoys the most, and least, disposable income.

The UK city where residents have the most disposable income has been revealed to be Derby.

Residents there enjoy an average of £1,456 to spend per month after after tax, bills and general essential outgoings such as travel and food.

Derby residents earn around £200 a month above the national average, and have the second lowest cost of living in the study.