POLICE in Penhill seized a moped for having no insurance and arrested its rider for drug possession yesterday.

Residents reported several mopeds riding antisocially around the area and causing a nuisance.

Officers from the Swindon North Community Policing Team responded by patrolling Penhill.

The team found and seized a yellow moped which had no current insurance policy.

The rider was found to be in possession of cannabis.

He was arrested on suspicion of possession of cannabis with the intent to supply and for driving his moped without insurance.

A spokesperson for Swindon North Police said: “For the owner to recover the vehicle, fees start at £150 with daily storage fees in addition to this one-off cost.

“To retrieve a seized vehicle, a valid certificate of insurance must be produced along with other supporting documentation.

“It’s an expensive decision to make if you use a vehicle on a road or public place without insurance.”