A former pimp who is HIV+ banned from having sex with women without telling the police has been jailed for five years.

John Rodney, who has a history of procuring prostitutes, repeatedly breached a Sexual Risk Order imposed to protect vulnerable women.

But the 59-year-old gave a drug addict working girl crack cocaine to get her to perform a sex act on him, and took pictures of her.

And a judge has commended the proactive policing after hearing how officers alerting sex workers to the danger of the former pimp and drug dealer.

Under the order Rodney was barred from having devices capable of accessing the internet unless they were fitted with risk management software.

But within weeks of magistrates imposing it last December he was failing to comply with its terms.

Because he did not attend the hearing an officer went to his house to serve it on him and he refused to have it explained to him.

Soon after he was found accessing online pornography and in April a vulnerable sex worker moved into his Toothill flat for a week or so.

He helped her register on to online sex sites and repeatedly pestered her to have sex with him.

She eventually consented to preform a sex acr, getting paid on crack cocaine, though she insisted he wear a condom.

Simon Goodman, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court that paying for sex and not informing the police were both in breach of the order.

He said when police went to his flat on other occasions he had computers, tablets and phones which could access the internet without the relevant software.

Rodney, of Luddesdown Road, Toothill, pleaded guilty to three counts of breaching a sexual risk order and supplying a class A drug.

Chris Smyth, defending, said despite his criminal history his client had not received a jail term since 2001, and had been on remand for a number of months.

"Until this last period of remand he had no realised what an enormous impact cocaine was having upon him," he said.

Rodney will turn 60 early next year, he said, and has the health difficulties brought on by his HIV status.

"He believes his sex drive, though not gone completely, is on the way to that. He instructs me that he is committed to complying with the order," he said.

Jailing him, Judge Robert Pawson said “She knew you were HIV+. It reflects well on Wiltshire police that they had the foresight to tell people, working girls, that you were HIV+ which was a preventative measure.

"She knew you were suffering from being HIV+ when you asked for sex. She said words to the effect ‘Come off it, you know I am not going to do that John and you know why’. You breached the terms by failing to reveal her identity and paying for sex.

"A drug addict, you know Mr Rodney from your past, is particularly vulnerable when it comes to being offered drugs.

"Many drug addicts in the grip of heroin and crack addiction would do anything on the wrong day to get that drug.

“The risk when you allowed, or invited, or asked, her to provide oral sex on you, even with a condom, was a risk of very serious harm.”

Rodney, whose criminal history goes back to 1977, was first jailed in 1983 for a commercial burglary.

In 1985 he got 30 months for grievous bodily harm with intent and actual bodily harm. Two years later he received a suspended jail term for dishonesty offences.

He was sentenced to three years in 1988 for procuring a woman to be a prostitute and grievous bodily harm and six years for drug dealing in 2001.