Being a creature of habit, my weekday packed lunch often includes a couple of vegan falafels, and my favourite brand by far is Cauldron.

Their falafels are tasty and savoury and not too salty -a common complaint I have with rival brands. Cauldron's sausages and tofu have long been a regular purchase, in my many years of being a veggie, as they've been selling vegan and veggie food for a lot longer than many of the new kids on the plant food block.

Now, wisely, the "UK’s number one plant based protein brand (chilled sector)", is relaunching to appeal not just to old timers like me, but to a younger target audience, many of whom are embracing veggie and vegan diets.

Apparently Cauldron have been going for nearly 40 years but they're hoping a new look and marketing campaign will bring in more of the young'uns. Quite apart from any fancy new packing, and much more importantly, Cauldron make and sell really tasty and usable foods so they get my vote. Cauldron's vegan lines include Organic Tofu, Middle Eastern and Persian Falafels, Indian Koftas, frozen Mediterranean Sausages and frozen Aduki Bean Melt.

I'm finishing today's column by saying this will be my last outing on Green Vegan - the column is coming to an end as I am moving on to pastures new.

Perhaps after a year or so I am not such a green vegan in any case. I have learnt so much over this time, not just about products but about the many inspiring people who are writing books, setting up new restaurants and businesses and inspiring others to eat more plant food.

People have many motives for becoming vegan or veggie, or at least cutting down on meat consumption, whether it is animal welfare, health or alarm at the progress of climate change and the impact of animal agriculture on the environment - but still the mere mention of the word 'vegan' is still likely to bring forth a storm of indignation on social media. I'm hoping, however, people are becoming more accepting of those who don't want to eat animal products.

But even if you don't fancy giving up meat altogether, why not try a meat-free day - or couple of days?

And if you do decide to go the whole hog, so to speak, these days it truly isn't difficult. While you need to do some forward planning if you're eating out, more and more food outlets are embracing the movement. So - thanks for reading, and bon appetit.

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