An exciting play called Rebellious Sisterhood - Votes for Women takes us behind the scenes and into the lives of the women leading the Suffragette movement, the campaign to grant women the vote.

Produced by Broad Horizons Theatre Company, to be performed at Swindon Arts Centre on Wednesday, it explores the personal cost paid by the campaigners.

As the play opens, Mrs Emmeline Pankhurst is not a well woman. Recently released from prison, her hunger strike has left her weak and debilitated.

1913 has not been an easy year. Family arguments threaten scandal. Financially embarrassed and living out of a suitcase, she is terrified at the prospect of being returned to prison.

The only sanctuary is with her friend, the composer, Ethel Smyth. But Ethel’s love for Emmeline is about to be challenged by the arrival of young firebrand, Grace Roe, fresh from turning East Anglia into a hotbed of Suffragette protest.

Broad Horizons is a lively small theatre company based in Norfolk run by Judi Daykin and Rhett Davies. The play was specially written for the company by Karen Forbes.

Tickets are £14.50, with concessions available. To book, call 01793 524481 or visit