NORTH Wiltshire MP James Gray has issued a stark warning to the prime minister.

Writing to constituents this weekend, the pro-Brexit MP slammed Theresa May's Chequers deal as "unacceptable to almost everyone".

Mr Gray said he was concerned the UK would remain part of the European customs union indefinitely: "If that is the deal which she strikes with the European Commission...then it will not have my support in parliament."

He warned that Mrs May could face a "pretty dire" political end if she sticks with the Chequers deal, which would see the UK having to follow EU rules on safety standards to ensure tariff-free trade with the continent.

"I remain convinced that there will be no second referendum; there will be no general election," Mr Gray said. "I hope that no leadership battle will be necessary within the Conservative Party and I remain hopeful that our divorce from Europe can be on civilised and sensible terms of benefit to both halves.

"But that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach indicates troublous times to come. If we carry on down the cul –de-sac of the Chequers proposals, then it is hard to see an easy or satisfactory outcome.

"I hope that the Prime Minister will think again, drop Chequers and seek a Canada ++ arrangement with the EU...If she does not do so the consequences – for the EU, for the UK, and for Mrs May herself could be both unpredictable and very probably pretty dire."