Ghost hunter, Richard Felix, who rose to fame on TV’s Most Haunted, had his own brush with death when he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 18.

“It is not until you are faced with death that you realise how important life is,’’ said Richard, who fought back and beat the disease.

All his life Richard has been both fascinated and terrified by ghosts and this Halloween he is heading for Swindon with his own show, Ghosts Supernatural or Science?

The Meca in Regent Circus will play host to Richard and his interactive live show which explains the reality behind ghosts, or what he calls energies, tomorrow from 7.30pm.

“It is everything that Most Haunted should have been,’’ said the Derby-born historian. “We have audience participation, table tilting glass divination, Ouija boards, human pendulum, dowsing and lone vigils.’’

Richard has spent 27 years researching the paranormal and is eager to visit the Meca, which is is reputedly one of Swindon’s most haunted buildings. The Meca was originally a theatre before being turned into a bingo hall, and staff have reported hearing people walking around when no one was there and the dressing rooms seem to be the focus of one spirit that may never have left.

Richard said: “We will be using infrasound, The Ghost Frequency, stone tape projector and learn about intelligent and residual ghosts.’’

Along with Most Haunted, Richard has appeared on TV programmes as varied as Great British Ghosts, The Y Files, Scariest Places on Earth, Forbidden History. Inquisition, Medieval Murders and Come Dine With Me, the couples version, along with his wife Julia.

It was the historian that started off the ghost tours in his home town and he was a Captain in the Territorial Army, President of Derby Chamber of Trade and President of the Edward Stuart Society.

It was thanks to Richard that Derby Gaol was opened to the public, it was the scene of the last hanging, drawing and quartering in England. Richard has a specialised knowledge of executions, murder, crime and punishment.

He also raised more than £100,00 to have a statue raised in Derby to honour one of his historical heroes, Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Richard’s paranormal tours have taken him around the UK, to Ireland and over the pond to the USA. He also does theatre tours with medium Chris Conway called Psychic and Science.

Tickets for Ghosts Supernatural or Science? are £20 for more details visit - Flicky Harrison