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Cameras are needed

I write with reference to a letter from Alan Wilson shown in Saturday’s Evening Advertiser.

I totally agree with Alan’s comments as I also have experienced a lot of dangerous driving, especially the ‘boy racers’ on a weekend.

I am not a fan of speed cameras but I feel they are a necessity now, especially as the police are extremely stretched.

I would like to know how this could be achieved. Can anyone advise?

Regarding speeding/noisy vehicles the council are not interested as they say it’s a Police matter.

Val Cochran, Pasture Close, Swindon

Recycling mistake

I was shocked to read that Swindon is planning to stop recycling al types of plastic. This would make the council one of the few areas in the country to do so.

Swindon Borough Council are revising their waste strategy and are collecting information and holding a number of events on the correct methods residents should follow to recycle. One proposal is for all plastic to go into general waste. This way it would go off to somewhere in northern Europe. This would no doubt probably cause air pollution for many living locally.

However, great news, SBC I understand are employing a planning lawyer also a waste consultant to oppose the Rolton Kilbride planned incinerator as Keypoint Stratton. This would ultimately bake tonnes of material daily and possibly cause pollution for miles around. Yet more unknown health problems for the future.

Roger Hayes, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon

Time for a rethink

If you thought Brexit had got in the way of other business, then this weekend would be a perfect example - the outmoded and pathetic art of playing around with the clocks.

The weather presenters smile, and tell us we can look forward to an extra hour in bed. Is that it? The only benefit to this miserable and I believe dangerous time of year is one hour extra in bed?

As someone who lives with anxiety, I find these next two months very oppressive. Just to have that extra

hour in the evening to lengthen the day, would be so much better.

Listening to a radio phone-in, not one caller could see any sense in this outdated custom, and most would prefer the extra daylight in the evening.

This would also be safer for school kids, as they sometimes meander home, unlike in the morning when they go straight to school. Maybe this will get back on the agenda some time soon.

Robert Webb, Park North, Swindon

Thanks for support

Highworth and District Branch of the RNLI would like to thank all who supported us at the Highworth Co-operative Society on October 20 ; we raised a total of £483.07. Our grateful thanks to Highworth Co-operative Society for allowing us to use their premises for this worthy cause. Thank you for your support.

Ron Rose, Highworth and District RNLI

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