A RAPPER from Royal Wootton Bassett shared the stage with choir singers from across Wiltshire for a BBC film to commemorate the Armistice this Sunday.

Mike GT, 21, who performs a mix of urban rap, hip hop, and drum & bass, joined gospel singers, the Salisbury Chamber Chorus, the Carers Choir, Military Wives, West Wiltshire Singers, and 100-year-old war veteran Harold MacDonald.

The choir sung onstage at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford-on-Avon a version of the song Keep the Home Fires Burning which was sung by families during the First World War.

Mike told the Adver: “For some people it was very emotional and humbling.

"Everyone was very welcoming despite the variety and cultural differences."

Singers were given a line to sing from the song and Mike was asked to remix it a bit.

"It was quite nice, usually I make more of a statement with my music so people can see me in a bad light," he added.

"But it was good to have people see me in a good light, especially the older generation.

"They were quite interested in the lyrics to the song and how I came up with them and how they fitted with the music, because I rap a lot faster than they sing."

"Usually you hear the stories about these people who fought in the wars but you don't get to see them face-to-face, you can ask them questions and dig into the story of what it was like."

The video was filmed by Swindon-based Create Studios and the version of the song was arranged a conducted by Salisbury composed Simon McEnery.

BBC Wiltshire editor Mary Sanders said: “It was a really inspiring and moving day. All the singers and musicians had been practicing individually but this was the first time everyone came together.

"It really showed how many different communities and voices Wiltshire has.

“To have so many people together in such a great space, performing such an iconic song was incredible.

“The military is a really big and important part of our county and so many people here have links to those who’ve served.”