IF a second referendum on Brexit were held tomorrow voters in Swindon would prefer to stay in the EU.

That’s the conclusion of Channel 4’s live programme on Monday night called Brexit: What the Nation Really Thinks.

The programme used surveys from 20,000 people across the UK taken from October 20 – November 2 to predict the outcome of a second referendum on Brexit.

It found that there would be a seven per cent swing over to remain in Swindon, falling from a clear majority of 55.66 per cent of people who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum, down to 47.47 per cent if a second was held.

The survey is the biggest independent survey of its kind on Brexit since the referendum.

The news was welcomed by those who voted to remain in Swindon.

Jim Robbins, labour councillor for Mannington and Western, said: “I think it reflects the conversations that people are having and the complete mess that the Brexit negotiations appear to be in at the moment.

“As more and more evidence comes out about the impact of Brexit on Swindon – from Honda and BMW – people are very concerned about it.

“I’m not at all surprised, I’m very in favour of having another referendum, it’s clear that when the facts change they should have another chance to say what they think should happen. It strengthens the argument for a people’s vote to allow people to make the right choice for the country when they’ve seen all of the evidence."

Justin Tomlinson, conservative MP for North Swindon, said: “There are almost daily polls, for which the majority show a clear support for both Brexit and concluding the negotiations, contradicting this random poll.

"The referendum delivered a decisive vote and the government remains 100 per cent committed to delivering the democratic will.

Sarah Church, Labour parliamentary candidate for South Swindon, added: "I can see why people are unhappy with the way the government is dealing with Brexit. But I'm not certain another referendum would deliver a remain result.

"Nobody who voted leave has said to me that they have changed their mind, not where I've been door knocking. I'm unconvinced about accepting at face-value the result of these polls which claim to wipe out the referendum result. There are deeper issues that need to be dealt with about why people voted to leave. That hasn't gone away because they've been caused by austerity from the Conservative Government

The survey was used to predict the result of another in/out referendum. It found that the UK would vote the remain in the EU by a majority of 54 per cent to 46 percent.