A MOB of bloodied zombies were let loose at Rodbourne Cheney Primary School.

The unusual scene at the school yesterday was part of a sequence for a short film by Stratton film maker Vinson Pike.

Afternoon of the Ratfaced Zombies is a comedy horror about a vat of faulty ale, which turns its consumers into the undead.

The idea came to its creator after watching a news item on binge drinking.

He then enlisted the help of friends John Wilson and David Watkins to write the script.

He said: "I saw a girl stagger out of a pub and I just thought to myself, she looks like a zombie'.

"It really went from there. It is entirely self-funded and so far great fun."

Part of the film was scheduled to be shot at The Link Centre in West Swindon but after concerns about the volume of interest Vinson and his crew were left looking for a new venue.

Luckily Rodbourne Cheney Primary School came to the rescue and Zombies as young as eight were roaming the halls after hours.

During the shoot, around 70 undead extras - dressed as zombie firemen, policemen, nurses and builders - took over the world.

Vinson, 37, said: "We had a tremendous response from people who wanted to be undead for a day after reading our piece in the Swindon Advertiser. We managed to make up at least 70 people and they really got into it. It was great fun for all of us really."

Film make-up artists Corinne Amor, 22, Kat Howard, 23, Karl Barnard, 31, and Rath Pike, 33, normally spend up to two hours making somebody undead.

But when rain set in over Swindon, the Zombie creators faced a race against time.

"I think it was more of a record breaking attempt than a film session." said Vinson.

"It was a horrible gloomy day but everyone was in really good spirits and had a great time.

"Most people enjoyed themselves so much they got on the bus still wearing their make-up."

Afternoon of the Rat-Faced Zombies is Vinson's and his team's second film shot entirely in Swindon.

Their first feature, Antisocial Behaviour, told the story of a crazed vigilante and also featured scenes filmed in the town.

The team has one day of filming left to do at an undisclosed local location.

Members are now desperate to get their hands on a mobility scooter for the day to film a dramatic chase scene. Anyone who can offer a scooter for the day can contact the team by logging onto www.zombie-film.com.