A THIEF who stole a pack of razorblades from Tesco has been fined £120.

Jan Jevdet, 52, of Charleton Avenue, walked into the supermarket on October 19, picked up the £45 pack, took out a pair of scissors and cut the security tag.

He then went to the toilets and when he came out, security staff were waiting for him.

They recovered the razorblades and Jevdet was arrested.

Pauline Lambert, prosecuting, said: “He said in interview that he had gone for an eye test and when he was 90 per cent of the way through, he was told that he’d have to come back another time because he had drunk too much alcohol.

“That agitated him, so he decided to steal the razorblades.

“The cider he drinks makes him blackout and he has been working on reducing his alcohol intake.”

Tony Novorodski, defending, said: “He’s extremely remorseful. He suffers from depression.

“He had mixed vodka and cider beforehand.”

Jevdet must pay the fine plus £85 in costs and £30 to victim services.