Remembering those who lost their lives fighting for their country has been the subject of many films and television dramas and this month young Swindon actors will be tackling a new play set in the war trenches of 1918.

The 11th Hour, by Horrible Histories creator Terry Deary, tells the story of Marius and Danny, a German and a British soldier, who meet in the trenches in the last hour of the war. They know they should shoot each other, but before they do, they begin exchanging stories of their experiences and find unexpected common ground amidst the chaos of war.

The show, presented by Prime Theatre, based in Swindon, takes place at the Wyvern Theatre on Tuesday, November 13 at 7.30pm, and is suitable for ages 7+ and lasts an hour. Tickets at £10 are limited due to the audience also sitting on the stage. They are available from 01793 524 481. The play will also be touring Swindon schools.