Award-winning comedian, writer and broadcaster Ayesha Hazarika has long experience of the hurly-burly of life political life.

Now the former political advisor to Harriet Harman and Gordon Brown is on tour with her new hit show, Girl on Girl – The Fight for Feminism, and she will bring it to Swindon Arts Centre on November 10.

Ayesha left the civil service and worked as a special advisor on the 2005 Labour election campaign. She was a special advisor on women and equality issues for Harriet Harman, and worked on the drafting of the Equality Act, updating equality laws, including the need for an analysis of the gender pay gap. She was a political advisor to Gordon Brown and worked with Ed Miliband following the Labour defeat in the 2010 election, when he was leader of the opposition. This experience led to her writing a book, Punch and Judy Politics: An Insider’s Guide to Prime Minister’s Questions.

“I always said I would like to be an MP but that didn’t work out for me,” she says. “With hindsight, that’s probably a blessing. In some ways you have more freedom as a comedian. I can say what I want to say. It’s quite liberating. If you want to be successful in politics, you have to get up the greasy pole and toe the party line.”

Her new show is a consideration of contemporary feminism, and she explores the way women’s debates are presented in a way that makes them look trivial.

“Men are allowed to disagree with each other, with wisdom and respect and status. Women are presented as arguing about what they are allowed to wear or how much sex they are supposed to be having. You don’t see man set up to argue about that.”

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