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Inconsiderate parking

I should like to draw your readers attention to the problems caused to wheelchair and mobility scooter users by cars and vans parking on and partly blocking pavements.

By blocking the pavement this forces wheelchairs to go back to the the nearest dropped kerb, then go along the carriageway until they can find another dropped kerb to get back on the pavement. By being forced to use the carriageway this puts disabled people in potential danger whilst they already have much to contend with.

Parking on pavements is, of course, illegal but I have seen no evidence of the police or other authorities giving any priority to enforcing the law in this area. I would therefore appeal to the consideration of drivers who may not be aware of the problems their inconsiderate parking creates for some members of our community.

Kathleen Partridge. Stratton St Margaret, Swindon

Too much hatred

I write in agreement with the letter by Tom Horwat (United States of Hate) November 2, in which he writes of the hatred and fear being spread by Donald Trump. In Brazil we have recently seen the election of the fascist Jair Bolsonaro as their president which is another sign of the rise of the far right across the globe.

In the UK we see the repugnant Tommy Robinson and his riff-raff supporters travelling the country spreading their own message of hate towards the Muslim community.

We have to build a culture of peace, love and compassion across the UK and reject the politics of hate and division that Tommy Robinson and his ilk want to inflict on us all. We only have to look at the recent history to see what hatred is capable of doing to minority groups. What good becomes of hatred?

Martin Webb, Swindon Road, Old Town

Living in fear

Inspector Steve Love reassures the people of Swindon that the recent stabbings are caused by a minority of individuals who are known to each other and that members of the public can go about their normal business without being unduly worried.

Really? I don’t think Mr Love is in tune with the rest of us. These people are violent and quite prepared to use violence in their day to day lives, especially as many of them are drug dealers who are ruthless when it comes to setting up and maintaining their supply networks. I’m sure if they were in the middle of a machete fight they wouldn’t politely lower their weapons if an innocent member of the public accidentally wandered by.

The drug trade these scumbags bring to Swindon directly affects users, the user’s family and quite often the local shops who bear the brunt of shoplifting needed to support the drugs habits of addicts. The public fights and stabbings are just the tip of a massive hidden and insidious iceberg of crime and desperation.

If Mr Love thinks Swindon is so safe then let him walk through Faringdon Road Park on his own after dark.

Roger Lack, North Swindon

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