Comedian Graham Fellows is stripped back and ready for some guitar action - as himself.

Shrugging off John Shuttleworth and all his other characters for the time being, the comedy actor is strutting his singer/songwriter stuff in a new show called Graham Fellows: Completely Out of Character.

He will be performing his quirky and sometime poignant songs from his new album called Weird.

“The album I do as myself, they are my own songs and the reason for doing this tour. It is called Weird because it is a weird time for humour.

“I last made an album as myself 25 years ago. It was indie pop and called At The Hacienda. It went down big in Japan,’’ said Graham, who will dropping in to Swindon’s Art Centre on November 22.

“After years of Shuttleworth I wanted to explore my own stuff.’’

The comedian took the show to the Edinburgh Fringe this year and he says it went really well.

“It was the Free Fringe and it was scary. The show has harmonies and acoustic guitar, I am not a guitarist like Justin Timberlake. I am a strummer, but they are good songs.’’

It was thanks to his character, Jilted John, that Graham is known for his music as well as his comedy.

In 1978, when Graham was a drama student in Manchester, he created the novelty record entitled Jilted John, with the catchy chorus of Gordon is a moron.

This year Graham did a 12-date tour marking the 40th anniversary of Jilted John.

“I got a band together and it was a real experience and well received. We did a CD of the final gig in Manchester.’’

He says that despite his best efforts some of his alter egos pop up on stage, especially John Shuttleworth.

“It would be the elephant in the room if I didn’t slip into character.

“John will have a bit of interplay with the audience and there is a little medley of John Shuttleworth songs,’’ said Graham.

The music links continue with Graham taking John Shuttleworth to support Robert Plant at the Marquee Club and Blur at the Mile End Stadium.

John Shuttleworth will be making an appearance again this Christmas as Graham will be back on BBC Radio 4 with The Shuttleworths on December 23.

“It is prime time just after The Archers’’ he said. “It is great fun, set in a hospital.’’

Jilted John went to number four in the UK singles charts and Steve Lamacq awarded Graham the One Hit Wonder World Cup for the song.

Along with his stand-up comedy Graham is also an actor, having appeared in Coronation Street, Heartbeat and as Eric Sykes in the BBC 4 drama Hattie.

“I was in Coronation Street twice and both times I was the prospective suitor for Gail Tilsley both in 1979 and as a lorry driver who fancied her in 1983,’’ he said.

“I didn’t tell them about the first time,’’ he added.

Other TV appearances included Celebrity Antiques Road Show and Pointless both as John Shuttleworth.

“People do accept him as a real man. Good job or I would be out of a job, and the fans helped.

“Pointless was more difficult because you are just standing at a podium. I did Celebrity Mastermind as myself and the black chair is frightening.’’

Other characters include Brian Appleton, a failed rocker, and Dave Tordoff, a builder from Goole.

Following the music tour, Graham will be back putting pen to paper to write his John Shuttleworth book. It has just been commissioned and he plans to publish it in 2020.

Tickets to see Graham at the Swindon Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Old Town are from 01793 524481 or visit - Flicky Harrison