TRAFFIC collision investigators are analysing the vehicle involved in a collision with an 11-year-old girl earlier today.

The child was taken to Bristol Children's Hospital.

Police closed Meadowcroft in Stratton between Shakespeare Path and Pinnocks Place shortly after the accident happened at 2pm.

Residents like Jill Page noticed flashing lights outside their window.

Jill said: "I've lived in Stratton for over 20 years and I'm not surprised this accident has happened, people drive like mad down here.

"I didn't see it happened. I was shocked when I heard the sirens, it was a bit scary.

"A helicopter landed out the back on the Meadowcroft recreation ground."

A resident who lives near the police cordon said: "I could see the sirens through the window.

"I went outside to see what was going on but didn't stay long because I needed to get on with my decorating."

The scene attracted curious passerby who watched as the police carried out their duties.

One said: "I just walked past, saw all the police here and stuck around for a couple of hours."

Several police cars, including TriForce vehicles, and a Swindon Borough Council highway maintenance van visited the scene.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the crash.

Anyone who saw the collision happen should call 101.