SICK children and elderly residents will have something to smile about this Christmas, thanks to a fundraising campaign being organised by local taxi firm Cross Street Cars.

The company, which has been running in Swindon for more than forty years, will be visiting residents at Abbey Meads care home and children at Great Western Hospital over the Christmas period to spread a little Christmas cheer during a time when many people can struggle.

Collection boxes and a fundraising page will go towards raising money for gifts and toys that drivers and owners of the company will deliver during Christmas.

Sonia Nijjar, 22, daughter of owner Sat Nijjar and organiser behind the fundraiser, told the Adver:

"I like to give back to unwell children, especially at Christmas time. The hospital isn't a very nice place to be at Christmas and I've seen the effect it has on the children when you give them a present.

"It's nice to give back and to see where your money is going, to see a small child that's ill that doesn't have much to smile about.

"And just talking to these kids, they obviously see their parents and doctors and nurses and they don't get to interact with other people, it's nice to sit and speak to them and make them feel better and tell them that whatever illness they're in for they will get better.

"We're lucky that we have family and friends, but you forget that there are people our there that don't. It's nice to make sure that as many people as we can feel happy."

Drivers from the company work closely with the care home, many of whom are living with dementia, and have done training courses with the home, often getting to know their customers well.

"The drivers do form relationships with the customers they pick up, " added Sonia.

"we have one lady in particular that we pick up once a week to take her to day session that she goes to.

"With Abbey House we work with them closely, it can be a lonely place to be.

"Christmas should be the complete opposite of that. So we're going to go there and spend some time with the residents at the home and give them the gifts, just making them feel good and happy."

Donation boxes will be placed at the train station and at the Cross Street Cars garage, located next to the transfer bridge roundabout.

There is also a Justgiving page at for those wanting to donate online.

Organisers have asked that donated toys for children need to be in their original packaging and can't be second hand.