A TABLE inspired by one of Swindon’s architectural landmarks could sell for more than £1,000 at auction.

Designed by Marco Fantoni, it is based on the Renault building – now Kids About in Shaw – designed by world-renowned British architect Sir Norman Foster.

He is known for some of the most iconic structures, including the Gherkin in London as well as Apple’s corporate HQ in California, nicknamed The Spaceship.

Pete Davison, from Secret Agent Marketing co-ordinating the sale on behalf of Moore Allen & Innocent, said: “It’s a remarkable building, it looks like it was made out of Meccano. It’s got great big yellow-painted iron girders on the outside.

“As I understand it the Italian furniture designer had a meeting at the building and went into the board room and there was this table Sir Norman had designed to look like the building.

“The one Marco saw had a yellow steel structure, but they decided to do this whole range and they worked together on them, with Norman giving his name and blessing to this project.

“They took the concept and turned them into dining tables,” he said.

“You’ve got this wonderful steel architectural structure that you can look on while you’re having your evening meal.”

The distinctive structure, on Mead Way, commissioned in 1983 by Renault and known for its yellow steel umbrella-like masts, featured in a scene in the 1985 bond film, A View to a Kill, starring Roger Moore - his seventh and last appearance as Bond.

Photographer Richard Wintle, who took exclusive photos of the star as he arrived on set said: “If you remember the film you only saw the inside of the factory, about half way through they descend into the laboratory in the stables and there’s a conveyor belt system packing microchips. It was that conveyor belt that was used for the film.

“It was case for your eyes only for the shoot, all pictures had to be approved by Roger, but he just walked across the car park.

“It’s one of the iconic buildings of Swindon, it’s full these kind of structures.”

The table is made in Milan by Italian company Tecno, led by designer Mr Fantoni, who continues to make a range of furniture and tables based on the metal girder design similar to that of the building.

The table up for auction is one of the originals created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the two designers working together in 2013.

Renault moved out of the building in 2001 when the firm transferred operations to the east midlands.

It was given Grade II listed status in 2013 to protect it as one the best examples of a hi-tech building.

Since then the 25,000 sq m building has housed a car seat manufacturer and a soft play indoor centre.

The glass-topped and chrome base Nomos table will go to auction at Moore Allen & Innocent on November 23 at 10am in the Cirencester auction house.

It is currently expected to fetch between £800 and £1,200 once the bidding starts.