GRAFFITI vandals targeted a whole street causing damage to several vehicles, walls, homes and building works.

Dozens of the NADS and HYC tags appeared in Commonweal Road and during Friday night. Further tags were also left in Goddard Avenue and alleys connecting it to the Mall, in Old Town.

One resident of Goddard House, who feared the taggers would retaliate with further spraying said: "I saw four of them at about 1.30 in the morning when I looked out my window.

"They all looked about 16, but I didn't realise what they were up to."

Council leader Roderick Bluh visited the scene this morning to see the damage for himself.

"As part of our commitment to getting rid of graffiti, we will be working to find out who is responsible for this," he said.

"Tagging is cowardly and mindless, and it's criminal - it's defacing other people's property."

Swindon council is offering a £100 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to the conviction of anyone responsible for graffiti.

Anyone who has any information about who is responsible for graffiti in the town is asked to call the Advertiser's dedicated hotline on 01793 501880.