INTERNATIONALLY-renowned palaeontologist Phil Manning will be giving a free public lecture in Swindon about the last days of the dinosaurs next month as part of a series of science events.

The professor will be bringing a taste of the Cretaceous period in the second talk of this series, following the first event last month on solar weather given by eminent solar physicist Dr Helen Mason OBE.

It is organised by the Science and Technology Facilities Council ground-breaking science and technology which funds ground-breaking science around the world from its base in Swindon.

Until now, STFC has focused its outreach on schools and museums across the UK, but the organisation is now organising a series of free public lectures, which focus on the work it funds.

Head of skills and engagement Derek Gillespie said: “This talk is not to be missed by anyone who has an interest in palaeontology.

“By organising these free events in Swindon, we are hoping to give the local public a chance to see some of the incredible frontier research being undertaken by the UK experts funded by STFC.”

The event is at New College on December 12th at 7pm.