ADORABLE rescue dogs met plenty of potential new owners as SNDogs visited the Orbital Shopping Centre over the weekend.

The charity brought seven eager canines to ASDA Walmart for Saturday shoppers to meet and fuss.

The playful pooches enjoyed the attention and snuggled under warm blankets when bitterly-cold winds blew over the shopfront.

Mel Watson looks after six-year-old Lola the Husky, who has been in care for half of her life.

Mel said: “She loves going for walks, as Huskies need a lot of exercise, and she’s very verbal, which some people misinterpret as aggression though she’s actually a lovely, friendly dog.

“She can be bossy, she likes to think she’s in charge, and she’s not good with young children because they’re a bit unpredictable, and you have to know a lot about the breed to look after them properly.”

One of the dogs brought along, Bo, found a forever home later that day, while the others were booked in for home checks with interested parties to see if their houses are suitable for the pets to settle into.

Three-year-old Elvis the German Shepherd cross-breed was laid-back and docile, and loved meeting all his new friends.

Corey the lurcher, also three, was rescued from travellers. He was rather nervous but gradually got used to all the other dogs and people crowding outside the shop.

Six-month-old Leroy, another lurcher, relaxed on his bed and surveyed the scene while Balto the one-year-old mongrel energetically introduced himself to the other dogs.

Balto’s carer Clare Clarke said: “He’s very well-behaved, he just needs a bit of time to get used to people. He loves running around with his friends, eating, and sleeping.”

Moira Fraser, SNDogs trustee and events co-ordinator, ensured that their newest rescues, two pugs called Molly and Dolly, were comfortable.

Moira said: “Their owner didn’t have time to look after them, so they came here, and people have been really interested in adopting them, though Molly has a few medical issues and will need to have an eye removed.

“We are all volunteers who do this for the love of dogs. It’s a great feeling when they finally find their perfect home - 122 have been adopted so far this year.

“The more we get these dogs out and about the better, because meeting them in person is better than looking at a photograph online.

“We’re also doing a Doggy Shoebox Appeal to give presents to foster pets.”

For more information on the dogs currently in the care of the charity, visit