FLY-TIPPERS of all stripes are targeting a quiet country lane in Royal Wootton Bassett to dump their waste on a weekly basis.

Residents on Camdon Lane, also known as Log Lane, off Marlborough Road, are facing a constant battle with flytippers carelessly dumping household and commercial waste.

Mark Lambourne, owner of M & N's Equestrian Rug Wash, keeps horses in the fields along the lane and says he gets everything from black bin bags, to commercial freezers, and old sheds being dumped.

Mark, who shared the most recent flytip on Facebook, told the Adver: "We're seeing this happen once a month at least.

"We get a mixture of all sorts, workmen, ordinary people, those who are too lazy to go to the tip chucking black bin bags out.

"You find if we put a post up, and say in a nice way, to remind people to check for a person's licence it actually dies down for a couple of weeks. Then in three weeks time it will start again. It's horrendous.

"This is the second load of roofing stuff to be dumped, two weeks ago we had a pile of slates dumped.

"Instead of tipping it in one place they must have driven down the lane and spread it about as they went. There was loads it.

"The farmer just ends of shoving it into his field behind the gate because it happens so frequently. We've got sofas, bits of car, all sorts. Some of its been there years," he added.

"If he gets there before the council he'll move it himself, and the pile just gets bigger and bigger. It's a nightmare."

Mark has been using the Wiltshire Council app to report the waste, which normally gets collected a few days, but even with new technology he finds it hard to keep up with the amount dumped.

"Wiltshire Council are quite good because I've got the council app on my phone to report it and they do come out fairly quick," he added.

"But they must be sick of me now, we get fridges and freezers on a weekly basis."