1952: The landlord of the Bell and Shoulder of Mutton, a Marlborough Road pub which would later vanish in a road-widening scheme, applied to hold occasional Saturday night dances at the nearby Locarno ballroom. Mr RJ Parker assured Swindon magistrates that a doorman would be employed to ensure good behaviour among customers. There had previously been trouble when rowdy people were denied entry.

1962: Rodbourne Road residents got in touch with the Adver to say the Christmas lights put up at the railway bridge end of the road were better than anything the town centre had to offer. Arnold Godwin, proprietor of Britannia Motors Ltd, joined forces with the owners of three neighbouring shops to festoon their premises with Christmas trees, lights and ornaments.

1972: The seeds of racial strife similar to that in parts of America were being sown in Britain, Rev Glyn Pruce said during the monthly service of Swindon Unitarians. Mr Pruce, who had recently returned to the UK following a decade in the USA, highlighted issues including unfairness in the jobs market, saying they should be addressed as soon as possible.