EMPLOYEES at Nationwide have organised workshops to raise awareness of chronic disabilities that might easily be overlooked.

The society's Employee Disability Network organised sessions at the HQ to have open conversations about obsessive compulsive disorder, dementia, understanding anxiety and stress, and also included a mental health resilience workshop.

The company held around 35 events across the country, coinciding with International Day of Persons with Disabilities on Monday.

It has joined Purple Space in support of their #PurpleLightUp campaign, a worldwide initiative to shine purple lights or fly flags on iconic buildings to celebrate the economic contribution of disabled people.

Tegan Hughes, customer representative at Nationwide, who suffers from myalgic encephalomyelitis, sometimes called chronic fatigue, said: “I thoroughly enjoyed being part of a campaign which aims to boost awareness that not all disabilities are visible, and the fears and worries people can have living with disabilities."

Tegan also appeared on a video for Channel 4 to highlight people with chronic conditions.

"Working with other people from brands who are in a similar situation to me was such an eye opener, and we all had something in common, a very supportive employer," she added.

Alison Robb, leader of people and culture at Nationwide, said: ‘We are very proud to have collaborated with brands such as Channel 4 to produce a powerful and cultivating campaign. Disabilities may not always be obvious, but by raising awareness, we can break the stigma often associated with disabilities.

“We are also proud to be an inclusive employer, and this year for International Day of Persons with Disabilities have organised a range of activities.

"Internal events for our employees continue to educate us all about equality in the workplace and externally we firmly want to show our commitment by raising our purple flags.”