The application for a licence to sell alcohol from a corner shop in Broad Green will now be heard next week.

Wiltshire Police were not able to attend the meeting at Euclid Street last Friday to discuss the application by Kowsan Mohan to be able to sell drink from his shop, Rani's Local, at 30 County Road, which meant the chair of the panel, Councillor Vera Tomlinson adjourned the meeting and rescheduled it

She said:" I believe adjourning this hearing is the right thing to do as the police could not attend today and it is unfair that the applicant would not have the recourse to challenge or question the police.

"Where there is any possibility that an application may be refused, the applicant must be given every opportunity to put their case forward and be heard.”

Both police and the borough council's licensing officers and the ward councillor Jim Grant had opposed granting the licence to Mr Mohan.

The council has a 'cumulative effect policy in Broad Green, where applications can be refused if it believes there are too many shops already selling alcohol.

A licence to sell alcohol at the premises, when it was called AAA shop and under different management was withdrawn after repeated breaches.

The panel meets on December 14.