A WORLD-RECORD holder who attempted to add another to his collection failed to break the 400m sack race record.

Steve Wildish of Wroughton already bagged the best times for the 100m and 200m sack race but was keen to try for a third.

After a failed first attempt earlier this year, where his race was deemed invalid due to his feet being apart at the start line, he returned to the County Ground for another go.

However, poor weather conditions conspired against him to scupper his chances once again.

Steve said: "I got a soggy sack and it's really hard to bounce when the bottom's damp.

"My feet were wet and I did the first 100 metres far too quickly, I was way over my pace.

"I did the first leg in 30 seconds instead of 45, so when I got halfway through the race, I couldn't breathe and had to stop.

"Friends and family were there for my first attempt but this time it was too cold so nobody showed up to cheer me on, hopefully they'll be at the next attempt when it's nice and sunny.

"I'd always been good at the sack race when I was younger and I guess I just wanted to officially prove that I'm good in the sack.

"The 100m and 200m certificates are on my downstairs toilet wall, and there's just enough space for a third one, so I'll stop after I get that.

"If I had a bigger toilet, I'd have to try for even more world records."

Perhaps the third time will be the charm on April 1.