A JEALOUS thug who made his girlfriend leave her job and sell her car and repeatedly assaulted her has been jailed for five years.

David Williams, who made his vulnerable victim's life a misery while on bail for similar offences against another woman, also bit a man’s nose in a road rage attack, spitting out pieces of skin when he got back in his car.

And the 41-year-old even roped in a female work colleague to try to intimidate his victim into withdrawing her complaint when he was remanded in custody.

Passing sentence Judge Robert Pawson said: “All in all Mr Williams it is hard to imagine a worse litany of utterly revolting behaviour towards another human being.”

Sue Cavender, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court Williams, known as Taffy, came to Swindon in January while awaiting trial on the two other matters in South Wales. Soon after starting work at KM Windows he formed a relationship with a fellow worker, moving into her Walcot home within days of getting together.

The young mother of two said he was controlling from the start, telling her what to wear as he did not like her showing any skin. He made her leave her job, because it meant she would talk to other men, then took over her bank account, because as a bankrupt he could not have one of his own.

He also made her borrow £1,000 from family. On one occasion they were in a shop when she bent over to pick something up. In a fit of rage he pulled down her dress, exposing her bra and saying it was what everyone was looking at. It made her drop the child she was carrying.

He also repeatedly assaulted her, grabbing her, and once throwing eggs at her before putting his arm across her throat as he shouted at her. The burly thug prevented her children from seeing their father and made her sell her car, making her use his unreliable vehicle.

When she contacted the police in June he called her 42 times while she was with them making her statement. While on remand he phoned former colleague Kayleigh Steed, who then called the victim and said if she didn’t withdraw the complaint she would come after her. She sent 14 text messages asking her to retract her statement.

The court heard that in the six months before he moved to Swindon Williams was in another controlling relationship. As well as similar jealousy and violence he used to ensure his previous victim sat facing a wall in restaurants and told her not to look round in case she saw another man.

Williams admitted two counts of controlling and coercive behaviour, common assault, actual bodily harm and perverting the course of justice. Steed, who gave an address in Reading but is back living in Swindon, admitted perverting the course of justice. She was given an eight-month suspended sentence and 120 hours of unpaid work.

James Tucker, for Williams, said he accepted his behaviour was vile and was sorry he involved his co-defendant. Chris Smyth, for Steed, said she was not aware of the charges which had landed him in custody and would not have got involved if she did.

Judge Robert Pawson said Williams had moved seamlessly from one victim to the next.

Speaking of the last victim he said “She was vulnerable, she had been a previous victim of domestic violence. She was a young single mother.

“It can inflict lasting trauma. It represents a violation of the trust and security which one would normally expect. You humiliated her and set to make her subordinate to you and dependant on you over a period of several months.