Leader of Swindon Borough Council, David Renard will be quizzed next week over the council's plans for Brexit.

Coun Renard, who is in charge of the authority's Conservative administration will appear at the council's scrutiny committee on Monday at 6pm to discuss a report prepared by officers on the effects on the council, and Swindon in general of leaving the EU - scheduled to happen at the end of March next year.

The report presents a variety of scenarios after Brexit, some beneficial and some damaging.

One such suggestion is that Swindon might benefit from increased tourism visits from people from the rest of the UK, if travelling abroad becomes more difficult or more expensive.

The downside of that, the reports says, is that the road network might struggle to cope with an extra influx of visitors, and any increase in jobs as a result would be mostly lower skilled and lower paid.

Concerns are expressed that health and care services may struggle to recruit sufficient staff to fill the gaps left by returning EU staff - but it adds that there may be no impact on staffing, or recruits could be attracted from non-EU countries.