BIG crowds watched the nativity story brought to life on the streets of Old Town.

Actors took part in the wandering performance called The Journey to recreate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem, complete with a donkey, Mary and Joseph, and disciples looking for food and shelter.

The immersive performance started at Lethbridge Primary School and stopped at the top of Wood Street for Mary to speak on a platform, before heading down to Christ Church where they were greeted by carol singers from the three churches in Old Town.

Hundreds of people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the performance as it made its way the the church, where Jesus was 'born'.

Joseph, played by actor Ankur Sengupta, who had travelled from Cardiff, told the Adver: “It was frantic, but relieving, and well worth it.

“I was surprised by the number of people that turned up – a very heartwarming moment.

“But it makes me think about people like Mary and Joseph, and people in Syria today. It sounds cheesy, but this world needs more love, empathy, and understanding. And that is what I saw in the crowd.

“That somewhere in that storm there is a ray of light, and hope, and that you can’t abandon it.”

Actor Daniella Faircloth performed as the Virgin Mary.

She added: “It was surreal but also I felt quite emotional coming into this beautiful church, even though they wouldn’t have found anything as luxurious as this.

“It’s amazing to inspire the young ones and for them to understand it. I could see the looks on all the kid' faces, it’s one of those experiences they might actually believe was real.”

Rev Daphne Hardwick, who has had the idea of putting on such a performance for years, said: “It was the culmination of many years of anticipation, so to see something that I’ve dreamt of was wonderful.

“It’s great that we celebrate Christmas but many don’t realise that it’s quite a grisly story. So I wanted to get that message across, and what it was really about, and its relevance for us here today.”

The baby Jesus was played by three-week old Jasper Dillworth, from Old Town.

His mum Katherine told the Adver: “It’s an absolute honour that Jasper played the baby Jesus.

"I’m glad that he managed to behave through it.”

Francis Maples, one of the volunteers ensuring Mary’s path into the church went smoothly, said: “I thought it was really lovely to see the story being brought to life.

"Mary was played with such passion, it was really something to see.”