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Good golly, Miss Molly

No, no, no, Molly Scott Cato. What you are describing is free movement of labour, which we all agree with. You, as an MEP, know the difference between labour and people, but are trying to con us into believing they are the same thing. I might add, this is a typical “green” ploy, to twist the truth.

What we are against is any Tom, Dick and Harry, from not only the EU from anywhere in the world, entering the UK with no prospects of a job, no health insurance, no accommodation, and no money to support themselves, just dumping themselves and family on the nearest benefits office and the local council.

The queue-jumping accusation comes because these migrants are given homes before Brits who have spent years on a waiting list. That is what free movement of people means, and that is what we voted to see an end of. You say they are exercising rights provided by the EU, but the EU isn’t paying for them, we are.

Had the EU been more flexible on this issue, when David Cameron tried to re-negotiate prior to the referendum, we would probably have voted to remain in the EU. It is a sensible thing to just allow workers, who have the required skills and job vacancies to fill, to enter the UK, while the others, who will be a burden, are blocked. The EU must see the logic behind this but is far too intransigent to admit it. The sooner we are out of EU control the better.

Alan Spencer, Swindon

We won’t be fooled

The people made a decision regarding leaving the crumbling political economic basket case, the so-called European Union, which we were fooled over 40 years ago into believing it was a trading treaty. That decision was voted on by the British public. It is called democracy and it has a bloody history regarding maintaining the right to cast your vote. Why then have we had over two years of dithering by the politicians?

It is now obvious to me after recent events that the establishment, money men and parliamentarians, with a few exceptions, are doing their utmost to defy the will of the people. They are treading on dangerous ground. Democracy is a necessity in a law abiding civilised society. I honestly thought the Blair creature was the most deceptive and manipulating Prime Minister in my lifetime. There is a close second coming up on the rails. Madame May has managed the impossible: To unite Remainers and Brexiteers regarding rejecting her latest sell out.

She managed to almost lose an election to a weak Marxist opponent with a manifesto that was the second longest suicide note in history behind Michael Foot’s.

I am beginning to sadly wonder if the establishment is under orders from their European masters to wear them down until they vote again. I think they may find, as the Nazis did in the past, we are made of sterner stuff than some of our European neighbours

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Backwards step

Having voted to give the electorate the decision to leave the EU, our political masters have now voted to renege on our decision.

It does not matter which party they represent, it is clear that they don’t represent the people.

Would all voters note that whenever our rulers pass by, we must doff our caps and tug our forelocks.

Dave Durie, Fernham Road, Swindon

Wet wipe woe

The sewers of Britain are being blocked by wet wipes that are very long lasting and will never degrade naturally.

The packets very clearly say please do not flush down the toilet but that advice is being ignored.

The solution is easy. All wet wipes should be banned because of the huge cost of unblocking sewers in Britain.

But life is not that easy because only the EU has the power to ban a product in Europe.

This is yet another example of how so much power has been handed over to the EU.

Almost all the laws that effect life in Britain are now made by the EU.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

No room in shelter

Your report on the replacement bus shelter failed to highlight that the capacity of the new shelter is much less than that of others on Fleming Way (and the one that was demolished) - it seats four people!

It makes one wonder if the people who design/approve these things actually use the buses.

Derek Lowson, Moresby Close, Westlea

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