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In the wrong place?

I recently drove into the town, which was not to bad a trip, got parked up, completed an appointment, collected the car and started to make our way home.

We got as far has Westcott Place going towards Rodbourne and got caught in the normal chaos of trying to get through the system known as Bruce Street. It took 45 minutes to get from the bridge at the Outlet Village to the bridges at Bruce Street and apparently this was a quick trip - I would hate to think what a slow trip is like.

Now I read that a ski centre and other buildings are being built in the same area. Surely this is going to make an already gridlocked area into an impassable no-go area; the volume of traffic already being bottlenecked through the Bruce Street system is crazy and with all this added traffic surely that will have a impact on all future return visits to the centre. After the first visit people will be stuck in traffic for hours because of where the powers that be are planning to build it.

Why can you not build it on the outskirts of the town, somewhere you don’t have to battle through the traffic to enjoy yourselves for a few hours only to have the enjoyment ripped away from you and the frustration and road rage forced on you because your stuck in a gridlocked area because of poor plannin? Does no one who decides to have this sort of thing built ever think about traffic?

Once these cars have experienced the gridlock already in place around Bruce Street, will they come back for future visits? I don’t think so. I am 100 per cent in favour of the dome being built but think about where.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

Traffic issues

THE plans for the Oasis leisure centre are very exciting. When it was first opened the Oasis was seen as being ahead of its time, and this new centre could be the same.

Let us hope that people can get to and from it sensibly and safely - there are traffic problems on the roads near the Oasis, and these will need to be sorted before the centre opens.

Paul Marsh

Stratton St Margaret, Swindon

Hardly light relief

It is good news that the borough council is updating street lighting through the borough, or is it just Swindon? I’m sure that many readers will have noticed the projected cost to do the work will be £7.2million funded by £6million of borrowing. That is a significant increase over what already are huge borrowing levels.

Putting this to one side, it is also the case that the £6million will have to be repaid, which one assumes will come from the savings in energy costs, said to be £750k per annum (based on a full year’s saving which will not begin until 2022).

It would therefore be interesting to know how long the loan is for and what are the repayment conditions.

It does look as if the actual financial benefit to residents will not be realised for 10 years.

Des Morgan

Caraway Drive


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