A NEW tourism information centre, museum and shop that could be set up in Highworth has been officially named.

The not-for-profit business will be known as Visit Highworth Ltd.

This follows a packed public meeting held by the Highworth Community Partnership Group to discuss turning the ground floor of the building which used to house Lloyds Bank into the centre.

The 50 people who attended unanimously supported and agreed that a community benefit society should be set up to carry out the conversion, and they agreed that shares in the project should be issued next year.

Since then. the tourism team met and decided on the project's name after consulting the Financial Conduct Authority for guidance.

The team has also become full members of the Plunkett Foundation, which will provide them with professional support as they embark on this new venture which aims to bring more tourism into Highworth.

They can now proceed with registering the community benefit society which will sell shares to anyone over the age of 18 at £10 each. The share issue will be published in January.

Anyone who is interested in the project and would like more information about it should contact Sandra Rendall at sandra.rendall1@gmail.com