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Ignore the rules

From someone who has not pursued many of the intricate details of our exit from the EU, I have my own views.

The EU would make it as hard as possible for us to leave otherwise other countries would want the same.

As of late, who do the EU think they are to say that ‘there is no more negotiation’ when there are topics that we do not agree with? Who the hell are the European Courts of Justice to say that we can ‘Cancel Brexit’? That is why we want to leave!

As an example, how do other countries end up with brilliant road improvements, when we have more uneven surfaces than the moon? Why are we having to cut every commodity in the country? How come Germany seems to be the only country that runs at a surplus and others at a deficit? Do the French, who presented some of our individual service personnel with medals as a thank you for bravery during the war years want their medals back? They would only recognise courage if it was stamped on an old beer can!

Exit from the EU has never, to my knowledge happened before, so where do all of these ‘rules’ come from? Our parents and grandparent must be turning in their graves and thinking, “What in heaven’s name have we fought and died for to allow the EU bureaucrats to dictate to us when they should be bowing down to us?”

It needs someone to tell the EU just how it is, not for them to tell us.

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Art for no one’s sake

Coun Dale Heenan is no ‘shrinking violet’ and is well able to hold his own in verbal discourse on the pros and cons of Swindon town centre, even when the town centre spreads to Old Town. However, even Dale, in defending proposals to cut staff and reduce the opening hours at Swindon’s Old Town museum must find it a tad difficult, even hypocritical, to maintain a straight face and spew out the line it “is subsidised by taxpayers to the tune of £200,00 per year and Labour councillors are happy for this to continue” (SA 8 Dec).

I recall the leader of the council referred to this particular subsidy when unveiling his vainglorious and utterly hopeless plan for a new Swindon Museum and Art Gallery; only then Coun Renard was suggesting that it was a good thing to subsidise the arts.

Perhaps Coun Heenan would also consider reducing the hours Steam is open, after all that too is subsidised by taxpayers, and at the last count by a sum which dwarfs the subsidy paid to the Old Town museum.

Isn’t it interesting that any suggestions made to the council on how they could exhibit the supposed ‘world class’ art collection is met with either disdain or a wall of silence? The reality is that Coun Renard and his friends are not art lovers, rather they are legacy seekers, and with the demise of SMAG their interest in allowing the people of Swindon the opportunity to view the Swindon Collection has ended.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

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