A CARER who was moments away from giving birth on the Magic Roundabout has praised the ambulance station staff who came to her aid.

Charlotte Humphries revealed friends and relatives had been trying to convince her to name her new daughter after characters in the children’s TV series.

“I’ve had so many people say, ‘Call her Zebedee’,” the 29-year-old mum laughed.

But she said she would be sticking with the tot’s first-choice name of Pippa.

Charlotte had been at home getting her three children ready for school when her contractions started on Friday morning.

Together with mum Sally Mayo, she jumped in the back of sister Teri Merchant’s Kia Venga car.

“We were on the way to the hospital and I was having contractions as normal every three to five minutes,” said carer Charlotte.

“Then all of a sudden I felt the urge to push.

“We had to pull over right by the ambulance station. Luckily there were some people there who hadn’t yet started their shift.

“My sister banged on the window of the ambulance station, shouting ‘My sister is about to give birth.’”

The ambulance staff ran from their station, delivering the baby in the back of Teri’s car.

“They were absolutely fantastic,” said Charlotte. “We were so lucky they were there, having a morning coffee before heading out on shift.”

Sister Teri Merchant, 36, said she had felt pure panic when Charlotte shouted that the baby was on its way: “We thought we had ages, then all of a sudden she shouted it was coming.”

Penhill woman Teri had two options: head for the ambulance station or Swindon Fire Station. She chose the paramedics.

“We left the car running,” she said. “I ran out to the station, but I couldn’t find the door so I banged on a shutter.

“When the paramedics came out they said nothing, but ran straight back in to get a bag and over to the car.”

Mum Charlotte already has three children, aged two to 10, and an experienced hand when it comes to childbirth. But even Charlotte was surprised by Pippa’s arrival shortly after 8am on Friday: “She came out of nowhere. I thought my third child had been quite quick, but nothing like this.”

Terri, who has been at the birth of two of her nieces, said she had seen nothing like it. “Previously, it’s gone on for hours and hours.”

Weighing slightly over 7lbs, little Pippa was taken to Great Western Hospital for a check-up with her mum before being discharged later that day.

“She’s fantastic, an absolute dream baby. She is so chilled,” said Charlotte.

Emma Willson, one of the paramedics who delivered the baby, said they hardly had time to grab the maternity packs before rushing to the car.

“We were delighted to be on hand to help for this joyous occasion," she added. "With such busy shifts it’s very rare for us to be on station, so it was lucky timing for this mum and baby. We wish them all the best.”