To quote one Neville John Holder, Esq. “It’s Christmaaaaasssssss!” And he’s not wrong. So as you head into the only time of the year when the word “Twas” seems to exist and it is acceptable to drink Bucks Fizz for breakfast without wondering if you have an alcohol problem, you might want to take in some festive cheer courtesy of, mainly, the stalwarts of the local circuit.

Such as Talk In Code who can be found at The Victoria tonight releasing their latest album Resolve. Whereas many bands seem to be playing somewhere in town on a thrice-weekly basis Talk in Code prefer to squirrel away making anthemic, pop infused indie and releasing it as rare and teasing morsels. Well, now there is a full banquet available…tuck in.

If something more rootsy is to your taste then head to The Tuppenny for True Strays and their shuffling grooves, driving back beats, bass lines which demand that you dance along, wonderful slide-work and singalong vocals. A playful detour through rock history via a bourbon-soaked bar band from hell? Alternately pop, rock and indie covers can be had at The Blunsdon Arms courtesy of Get Carter.

On Friday The Queen’s Tap is the place to find bluesy beats and riotous rhythms as the Teddy White Band break out the retro infused rock and roll whilst at The Tap and Barrell Joli Soul offers a dash of pop, R&B and, as the name suggests, Soul classics. Tributes are being paid to the music of The Beatles thanks to The PreFab Four at The Swiss Chalet whilst at The Rolleston The Lizzy Legacy tip their musical hats to Dublin’s favourite sons.

I’m not sure what’s got into the water of late but following 2 Sick Monkeys calling it a day last week, Felix and The Funk, another band ingrained in local musical lore, are also playing their last gig at The Victoria tonight. So gather one last time for the most groovesome party in the parish and a swathe of pop, soul, funk, dance and disco classics.

On Saturday Syntronix also play their last gig. The Victoria is again the place to be for one last chance to catch their sonic reminiscences of 80’s synth-pop sounds. If you were too young for those times then there is no more faithful reproduction of the commercial end of the post-punk era and those of a certain age can revel in the nostalgic sound of their formative days.

Also formally handing in his notice is Frank, erstwhile guitar slinger for Shepherds Pie. His last outing with the band is at The Queen’s Tap so what more excuse do you need than to take in a bit of classic rock and old-school metal and catch his dexterous digits delivering devilish dirges one more time.

Taking things in a more punky direction, The Rotten Aces run through the choicest parts of the punk story at The Swiss Chalet whilst at The Waiting Room The Chaos Brothers try their hardest to sully its good name. Only kidding…they won’t be trying their hardest.

When is a tribute band not a tribute band? When it is Kingdom of Madness. If you head to Level III you will find various ex-members of the band Magnum resurrecting the songs of the early albums. Magnum were a band who managed to blend big stadium rock with more progressive meanderings so treat yourself to an early Christmas present and fill your ears with their brilliant sound.

More familiar sounds can be found all over town. The Petty Thieves make some clever selections from their own record collections, think 80’s alternative and underground sounds at The Southbrook, Black Max and The Pirates inject that long missing nautical vibe into ska and two tone at The Rolleston and The Beat Routes play all genres and eras at The Tawny Owl.

On Sunday you can catch that charismatic crooner Slim Ditty back at The Tuppenny after last year’s triumphant show for a Yuletide musical schmooze through jazz, ballads, music hall and all things sing-along.

And that takes you though to the big day itself. I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you to all the venues and bands who give me something to write about, to say to those who don’t get my humour that I was probably joking and to give the biggest thanks to those who get out and support the local live music scene.