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It’s starting to crumble

Surely anyone with a shred of common sense must realise the European Disunion is a failing economic and political experiment that is crumbling by the day. Many countries are struggling due to losing control of their economies tied to the disastrous Euro. Youth unemployment is high in many of the countries of Southern Europe. Unlimited immigration is unsustainable without the infrastructure, jobs, hospitals, schools and accommodation to support it.

The next plan they had for us if we had voted to tug our forelocks in the referendum was to amalgamate our armed forces into a European army.The army is the last stance for freedom any nation has.

Then it’s compulsory sacrifice of the pound, join the Euro and lose control of our economy. Once you lose control of your army and your economy to a foreign power or powers you no longer exist as a sovereign democratic nation.

Surely even the most ardent Remainer must think twice after watching the intransigence and bullying of the European bureaucrats during the negotiations. Has no one noticed that Madame May has been absolutely ruthless in dictating to her cabinet and causing numerous resignations? That attitude seems to change when she is dealing with Juncker and his cohorts. Or am I missing something regarding this simple observation?

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Immigration matters

Mr Spencer was pleased to call Molly Scott Cato “Miss Molly”, while Mr Adams shows his feminist credentials by calling her “Ms Scott”. Perhaps a gender neutral title would be better and in Molly’s case Professor would be appropriate.

Jeff Adams asks how many illegal immigrants there are and how many deported. No one knows how many illegal immigrants there are as they are illegal. A two minute search on Google gave me the figures for the deportation of illegal immigrants and in 2016 it was 39,600.

Let us also not forget that although legal EU immigration has declined since the (second) referendum, legal non EU immigration has increased and the number of immigrants has therefore remained more or less constant.

Steve Thompson, Norman Road, Swindon

Animals aren’t gifts

Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year”, but it isn’t a wonderful time to add a new dog, cat, or other animal to the family. That’s why it’s important to resist the temptation to give a living, breathing being as a “gift”. Animal companions require plenty of time, attention, patience, and money – all of which are scarce during this season. Adopting cats or dogs means making at least a 15-year commitment to love and care for them unconditionally. It also means finding an individual who is a good match for family members’ activity level, experience, abilities, and personalities. These aren’t decisions you can make for someone else.

Many animals who were given as “gifts” are surrendered to shelters or dumped outdoors to die after the festive period, when the novelty wears off and families find themselves overwhelmed.

Please, don’t let the holidays end in heartbreak.

Jennifer White, Media and Partnerships Coordinator, London

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