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It could be your or I

The Adver is reporting on OUR homeless sheltering under canvas in and around Swindon. There but for the grace of whichever God you choose to align to go you or I , or our children or work colleagues or ex service men or women or neighbours or young people or anyone who’s luck has just turned and “everything “ is just too much to bear.

No one wants to see tents popping up around our town - they are annoying and unsightly but annoying in the fact that some of the most vulnerable citizens are living in them. Most of the homeless are victims of mental health issues or drug abuse or both and live day to day with few prospects of things getting any better any time soon.

I guess the only things they have to look forward to is a warm peaceful night and maybe the generosity of volunteers of local support groups, both of which are not guaranteed. I am proud to have been able to contribute to one local support group and have been part of a group of friends who have supplied tents, gloves, hats, sleeping bags and hand warmers to help our homeless through this most difficult time of year.

It’s ironic that our Council was prepared to bankroll an art gallery and is now rubbing its hands at the prospect of what benefits a “Snowdome” will bring to this dying town and yet have no long term plans to build a basic shelter for the homeless to escape the elements.

Some people reading this will believe the men and women on our streets have brought it all on themselves, and that may well be the case. However, where do PEOPLE rank in our society these days?

Most of us would dread a night or two in our homes with the heating broken - imagine a night on the streets.

Drop a coin to a beggar or buy a coffee for someone sat on a cold concrete floor and let’s embrace the spirit that we all profess to engage in at this time of year.

Wishing everyone a warm, happy and thoughtful Christmas.

K Edmonds, Covingham, Swindon

Musical delights

IT’S that time of year when lots of musical talent is in abundance in and around Swindon. After many months of poor health and weight loss, I found it difficult to motivate myself plus, the cold weather hasn’t helped my condition.

However, my wife eventually forced me, due to being comfortable at home, to go to Cricklade to see and hear the Sing 4/4 Community Choir’s Christmas For All concert.

Led by Mary New, it was a night to enjoy with the choir in good voice, especially the delightful soprano, Matilda Wale, plus some audience participation!

Then on December 13, after purchasing tickets earlier, my wife encouraged me to go to see and hear the Thamesdown Ladies Choir led by the delightful Shelley Morgan, plus compère Des Morgan who, to be fair, is not quite so ‘delightful’ but worth a mention!

All of the choir are worth a mention as are the accompanists, but, suffice to say the programme was excellent. There was also some junior members of the Janice Thompson Performance Trust who stunned us with their ability, of some so young, to perform in front of a large audience. Their ability and confidence was amazing.

Well Done to all for the tremendous effort over many months to help give me, and many others a much needed lift.

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

It’s a new low

This week, two MP’s-who had been suspended from the Conservative Party after they were accused of sexual misconduct, were reinstated.

Why? So they could vote to keep Theresa May as leader.

The decision took place behind closed doors.

Suddenly the pair are fit to be members of the party again; so far no-one has given a reason.

It sends a clear message: when power is at stake, the rule book gets ripped up without explanation.

Andrea Leadson, the Leader of the House of Commons, oversees investigations into sexual misconduct at Westminster.

She has allowed this to happen without explanation..

This is a new low for Parliament.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

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