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We need MPs united

As I was brought up in the tough East End of Glasgow it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

No boys in my class at school called Gideon,Titus or Peregrine. I have watched the verbal exchanges at Rangers and Celtic matches, not to mention the physical ones.

As an ex works convener I have had many an argument with the workforce and the management. When Rangers and Celtic supporters watch their country Scotland playing they forget their personal differences and stand united. After all the differences on the shop floor are settled, the workforce stand united against the management, To be fair the management as well stand together in opposition after they settle their personal differences with their colleagues on their plan of action against the workforce. My point ?

The question then arises why do our MPs after their quite frankly disgraceful exchanges, bad manners and loutish conduct regarding their differences about Brexit .

With the whole world watching them. I have seen better behaviour on a children’s school playground. Not settle their differences and stand united against the bullies and chancers running the European Disunion ? Put their petty self interests, personal squabbles and power struggles to one side and get on with the job they are paid for. Namely, acting on behalf of the democratic wishes of the people they represent of the United Kingdom regarding the referendum to leave the European Disunion. A message to every one them. Note well the words UNITED Kingdom.

This is not a football match.This the future and welfare of sixty five million men women and children.Is it not time you all acted in an orderly manner with a united loyalty, honour and integrity with that in mind ?

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Just listen please

The environment secretary Michael Gove proclaimed this week that Britain is a force for good for protecting wildlife. Is this man living on the same planet as the rest of us?

Our the last five years this Conservative government has allowed badgers to be needlessly killed in their thousands so say to control bTB. Not only have culls been proven to be ineffective but also bTB has been caused by bad and negligent farming practices and badgers have just been used as a convenient scapegoat. BTB can be dealt with by vaccination, strict controls of cattle movement and better farming practices.

However this government isn’t very good at listening to scientific evidence. Then there is the issue of fracking that harms not just human health but wildlife as well. Again Conservative government ignores scientific evidence and public opinion. The government also wanted to repeal the fox hunting ban despite the fact well over 80 per cent of the British public oppose this outdated and barbaric activity. These three issues together paint a very bleak future for British wildlife while Britain has a Conservative government.

Peter Bates, Address supplied

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