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Wind out of our sales

I see in the media that Boxing Day Sales have been down this year. Is it small wonder that after Black Friday and Black Monday sales going back a little while, there will not be a sudden desire to shop on Boxing Day? There seems to be ‘Sales’ or ‘Price Reductions’ taking place throughout the year. Go online for ‘Just for you’ offers.

I was born in 1942 when the DFS Sale started and my mother was disappointed that she couldn’t go to grab a bargain because I was ‘due’. She need not have worried, as it is still on!

From personal experience I know what sales are like as I used to sell amplifiers, but because I didn’t achieve the volume of sales, I was sacked.

In fact, the only sales person you can trust is a glue salesman - at least they stick to their word!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Democracy in peril

I worked hard to bring up my family of four sons and my only daughter. My late wife Win brought our kids up and still managed part time jobs to keep us financially solvent, as they say in the banking world (I prefer to say to keep a roof over our heads and feed our children and pets).

My concern is that most people in power running this country have not endured the hardship that working class people suffer. I use the word suffer very carefully but truthfully. It is obvious to me that if they had been brought up in the real world the vast majority of us inhabit they would face the recognition that in this life hard work and a civil duty to maintain law and order prevails.

My point? Soft sentences for habitual criminals. Leniency for drug dealers and the misery and ruined lives and deaths that they cause. Child murderers cosseted for life at our expense. The best police foot soldiers in the world tied up by university comedians in charge, who could not catch a cold in their underpants at the top of Ben Nevis on a winter’s day. Bankers whom the nearest they will get to a hard day’s work is passing a building site or a factory.

Finally, not to mention the influx of immigrants without electoral consent - not the many hard working people in the National Health and other contributors to our society whom we welcome. I refer to gangsters, people traffickers and drug barons who have infested my homeland with impunity.

Let us face hard facts on this one - democracy lies in great peril if they do not get their act together and abide by the electoral consent of the people,

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

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