A WEBSITE guiding dementia patients through the process of being diagnosed has been launched in Wiltshire.

The Dementia Roadmap is a simple online guide for patients to help explain the symptoms of dementia and provides locally available support and information in a related site called the Support Village.

It has been launched with the charity Alzheimer's Support, which has been developing it for two years, with money from the Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Babs Harris, Alzheimer’s Support CEO, said: “People often tell us that what they need is practical, locally available support. There is a wealth of information already available but it can be hard to find so the Support Village, which is still being developed, will bring this together in one place.”

“We already have nine Dementia Advisers in Wiltshire. We think of the roadmap and support village together as a 10th ‘virtual’ dementia adviser, accessible 24 hours a day, and there to help people find the information they need to live as well as they can with dementia.”

The website can be found on www.dementiaroadmap.org