YOUNG people in Swindon have been given a boost with a new project to help them with their career options.

The Platform Project is the town’s latest social enterprise to offer youngsters an insight into starting their own business and experimenting within different fields, so they can open more employability opportunities.

Aimed at people between the ages of 13 to 25, the project looks to prioritise young people who may not have excelled in mainstream education and offers them a hands-on approach to learning new


The Platform Projects founder and managing director Sadie Sharp said: “The Platform Project was formed to help young people learn how to carve their own way in the world and learn how to work for themselves.

“This is becoming increasingly important when mainstream education and employment options haven’t enabled people to thrive.

“By getting involved with the activities run by the Platform Project, participants and volunteers can get hands-on real experiences, develop life opportunities that didn’t exist before, and get the confidence to realise that they can do things they never imagined.”

The workshops, which are free to attend, offer a range of tailored ‘challenges’ including organising events, social media management, fashion design, and video production.

The project liaises with schools, training providers and youth development organisations to assist young people who sometimes struggle to engage with full-time school timetables.

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