DAY one of the Wellington Street regeneration works was held up by a rogue motorist.
Swindon Borough Council posted on Twitter criticising the owner of the green VW Golf, who had parked on the pavement near the Queen’s Tap pub.
The borough said: “We are extremely excited about the plans to refurbish Wellington Street. 
“However, we can’t do anything until the owner of this car finds somewhere else to park. 
“If it’s yours, could you put it somewhere else, please?”
In a final swipe at the car’s owner, the tweet was signed off from “an ambitious regeneration team keen to start”. 
Wellington Street, which links the bus and railway stations, will be closed for the next 15 weeks for revamp works. The council plans to resurface the road, with a raised carriageway at the junction with Milford Street and Manchester Road. A segregated pedestrian and cycle path will be installed alongside the road, together with a new toucan crossing at the Milford Street junction.