New houses on a site that can only be accessed by a very narrow path between existing houses were approved by Swindon Borough Council's planing committee despite the objections of the man who owns that driveway.

A scheme to restore the houses 77 and 78 St Philip's Road and to build another two detached houses on their gardens was approved after previously being deferred because councillors wanted to see a construction plan.

The developers told the committee that their builders were happy they'd be able to use the site.

But Ron Wade, who lives in one of the houses next to the 3 metre-wide drive, said it was unsuitable for large vehicles, and his house had already suffered damage when a track had tried to use it.

He also said that he was only obliged to allow access to the original two houses - with the suggestion being that access to the new houses may be withheld.

Ward Councillor Claire Crilly also said the site was unsuitable because the driveway was too narrow and possibly would not take the weight of a fire engine if one was needed at the site.

There was audible dissatisfaction from residents attending the meeting when the committee approved the plan.