THE Oasis hosted a great gathering the other day - one of the biggest Scalextric shows of its kind in the country.

Enthusiasts of all ages, from veteran collectors with thousands of cars to parents passing on their enthusiasm to eager children, got together to race and trade.

The racing took place on four circuits provided by a fine Wiltshire organisation called Four Lane Black Top, whose website is a feast of delights for anybody who remembers racing these little machines when they themselves were little - and who perhaps fancies reacquainting themselves with the hobby.

The growing enthusiasm among young people is yet more evidence that those who claim anybody under the age of 20 is only interested in consoles and tablets for their thrills are talking nonsense.

Having said that, current technology could be used to help give modern young enthusiasts the authentic slot-car racing experience we older folk remember from our own childhoods.

I’m thinking mainly of an app on which parents might record certain phrases to be played back at random - phrases such as: “Wait till I’ve finished setting it up!”

And: “Where’s the other controller?”

And of course, that old favourite: “Arrrghhh! I told you not to plug it in yet!”

Then children will be able to have traditional parental input even if the parent in question has nipped off for a cup of tea, a fag or both.

Of course, until technology advances even further, they’ll still have to provide their own cat or dog as a unique obstacle.