A SPATE of anti-social behaviour led police to use additional powers to disperse youths in Walcot last night.

Police increased patrols and put in force a Section 35 Dispersal Notice after receiving reports of persistent anti-social behaviour by teenagers in Sussex Place, Walcot.

A police inspector must authorise the use of extra powers to order individuals suspected of causing trouble to leave the area for 48 hours.

The same powers were used on Monday to disperse youths in Pinehurst to tackle a spike in anti-social behaviour around Beech Avenue and the Tree Courts Area.

A spokesperson South Swindon Police said: "We received a number of reports last night about persistent anti-social behaviour by teenagers in the area of Sussex Place.

"This is unfortunately becoming more common place and it is having a real impact on the residents around the area.

"These are the sort of measures we will continue to put in place to combat these issues."