The money made available for schools in Swindon in the next financial year is expected to total £184.6 million.

State schools are funded by a grant from central government which may not be used for anything else - the Dedicated Schools Grant.

A report to Swindon Borough Council's Schools Forum, which meets next week, says that the borough's schools will be getting an increase of funding of nearly £8m over its funding this year of £176.7m.

The grant is broken into four blocks - Early Years- which will get £14.4m next year, the schools block set at £137.5m, a block for pupils with high needs, funded at £31.7m and the central schools services block which gets just under £1m.

Pupil numbers have also risen in Swindon by 640 over the census in October 2017 to 31,693 in October 2018.